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Providing Quality Geophysical Surveys since 2001


Welcome to APEX Geoservices


APEX Geoservices Limited has been providing expert geophysical services to the Engineering, Environmental and Natural Resource Industries since 2001.

Our qualified and experienced geophysicists have completed over 1,500 surveys for a diverse range of projects in Ireland, Britain, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In doing so we have worked closely with engineers, geologists, developers and drillers as well as co-operating with local stakeholders and communities.

APEX owns a full suite of modern equipment which allows us to mobilise quickly and to obtain high quality data in accordance with the latest technical developments in geophysics. We work closely with academic institutes in ground truthing geophysical results against other field and laboratory methods and in researching and developing new applications. We actively support the professional development of all our staff.

CPD Seminars

Want to know more about geophysics?

We carry out CPD Seminars in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Engineering Geophysics
  • Geophysics for Windfarm Developments


We’re Hiring!
17 Oct

We’re Hiring!

APEX Geoservices are looking to hire a full time field crew technician. Please see the careers s...
APEX Geoservices Return from Malawi
17 Oct

APEX Geoservices Return from Malawi

APEX Geoservices have just returned from Malawi after completing a geophysical survey to provide inf...

Joint Projects


CPD Seminars